Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Desert Lake Family Dentistry is committed to offering a full range of dentistry services. Whether you’ve had repairs or need a complete replacement, we recommend continual check-ups to assess your gums and bone density to assess the surrounding areas associated with your implant.

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When your teeth are missing, it greatly affects your smile. At the same time, the missing tooth has the potential to negatively affect your oral hygiene because of unprotected gum exposure. Dental bridges are one of many options aimed at improving the appearance and function of your teeth by replacing the missing tooth or teeth. During your exam, we will discuss whether or not dental bridges are right for you.

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“All-on-4” is the name of a specific dental implant technique. This technique allows for an entire arch of teeth to be secured on 4 implants. The implants in the back are angled, which makes the treatment a possibility for people with bone deficiencies and jawline limitations.

If you have any questions about All-on-4® or any of our implant overdentures, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (623) 388-5888.

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Fixed Implant Bridges

Fixed Implant Bridges utilize dental implants placed in the jawbone (the foundation) and tooth-like porcelain restorations to replace missing teeth (fixed bridge).

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